Smart Home Automation

The KNX smart home system offers a big plus in convenience, security and economy both in private dwellings and commercial construction. All the house functions and numerous multimedia functions can be networked together and controlled centrally with the KNX intelligent building system technology. The visualization and evaluation of energy consumption, the Smart Metering, can also be implemented easily with KNX technology.

System & Integration

The function of the individual components is determined by their programming, which can be changed and adapted at any time. What this means for the user is a convenient and flexible form of building technology that can be customized to meet his or her individual needs.

Our Expertise


Lighting Control

  • Dimming functions
  • Staircase lighting function
  • On and off delay
  • Time control
  • Occupancy-dependent control

WiFi Smart home

All switches can be controlled from anywhere using your phone, and devices connected with switches can work independently. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


Blind & Shade Control

  • Shutters with and without louvers, in commercial buildings such as offices, hospitals, schools
  • Roller blinds
  • Electrically operated windows, Skylights & Doors.

Air Conditioner Control

The predominant application for heating, ventilation and temperature control with KNX is in the area of room oriented temperature control or individual room temperature control. By detecting the actual temperature value and specifying a respective temperature setpoint with a control algorithm, the thermostat sends a control value to the actuator. This actuator controls a heating or cooling unit that changes the room temperature.


Energy Monitoring

Energy management can be defined differently depending on the perspective within a building or a town’s network. Inside the building energy management is a method to save final energy costs such as electricity, heat and water. A key for effective energy usage inside a home or building is informing the consumer continually about energy consumption. KNX Smart metering provides the necessary equipment for this solution. There are KNX devices covering many different elements of energy management.


Timing Control